Why Choose Our Clinic for your treatment?

Sterilzation and Hygiene

Dental treatment in the past has been associated with pain and discomfort and most clients will be wary of the cross infection control protocol and standards.

At Dr Irfan Qureshi`s Team of Professionals, Cross infection control, hygiene and sterilization is given top priority with dedicated sterilization areas and a stringent check on hygiene and cleanliness. We maintain strict International Standards of Sterilization and Hygiene. Please take the time to take a tour of the clinic and a detailed account of our hygiene, disinfection and sterilization protocol!!

Educating Our Patients

Another neglected aspect in dental treatment is patient education. We have created a system where great care is taken to educate patients about their ailments and treatment options. Our consultants spend time and effort, going over every detail of the treatment options with patients. We encourage patients to ask as many questions as they would like and take great care to make them aware of their condition and treatment options. This exercise is immensely beneficial in developing patient confidence.

The emphasis placed on hygiene and ambience is evident from the moment the client steps inside the practice. Every aspect of the interior has been carefully designed and chosen to make the entire experience a pleasurable one for all clients.

The Most Advanced Implant Dentistry

Dr Irfan is known for introducing latest techniques for implant rehabilitation. He is the first and only Pakistani with a fellowship from World Association of Ultra Sonic and Piezosurgery (WAUPS).

The clinic has Osstell units for determining implant stability through Resonance Frequency Analysis (RFA). RFA is the gold standard for evaluating the strength of the dental implants in jaw bone.

We perform Ultrasonic surgery for extractions and even implants with the help of Piezoelectric Bone Surgery Units instead of conventional drilling which is less painful and causes less tissue trauma.

With the use of properly designed blood seperator machines (not simple centrifuges), we extract Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF), Concentrated Growth Factors (CGF), and Activated Plasma Albumin Gel (APAG).

These growth factors are part of a new and exciting treatment protocol used in bone and tissue regeneration. Our clinic also specialises in using PRP for facial cosmetics. Because it involves the use of patients own blood, this technique also known as “the vampire facelift” has no risk of a reaction,infection or contamination!