Team of professionals

Dr. Ruaaz Khan


M.Orth (Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh)
MDS (Hong Kong University)

Dr Ruaaz is one of the finest Orthodontists in the country. He also remains one of the most qualified Orthodontists of Pakistan at a young age. He has trained at the Prestigious Prince Philip Dental Hospital at Hong Kong University which is ranked among the top 10 universities of the world. Dr Ruaaz is a young and dynamic Orthodontist, known for treating patients with skill and finishing cases efficiently. Due to the lengthy nature of Orthodontic treatments, patients can sometimes fail to comply or lose motivation, but Dr Ruaaz is able to keep patients motivated and is truly a gifted clinician.

Dr. Maimoona Mushtaq Khan

Endodontist and Restorative Specialist

MCPS (College of Physicians and Surgeons, Pakistan)
BDS (Fatima Jinnah Dental College, Pakistan)

Dr Maimoona is formally trained as a specialist in Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment), Restorative Dentistry and Crown & Bridge. If there is a complex Root Canal case, she is the “go to” doctor for the clinic and patients have confidence in her ability. She has been working in private practice for nearly 8 years, and is highly skilled, specially in Root Canal Treatment, which is a delicate and technique sensitive procedure. Dr Maimoona as part of her specialty also treats patients requiring basic to complex fillings, crowns & bridges and does paediatric dentistry for children. She is also formally trained in fabricating Implant Crowns. She is popular among patients because, despite her immense skill and experience, she maintains a kind and compassionate demeanor.

Dr. Sehrish Khan

General Dentist

Dr. Sehrish Khan is a general dentist at Dr. Irfan Qureshi’s team of professionals. She is well trained in general dentistry and performs procedures ranging from scalings and polishings, tooth fillings and root canal treatments. Dr. Khan is certified by the American dental association in performing cosmetic procedures such as Botox and lip fillers. She is also formally trained in Invisalign braces certified by Clearpath. Along with her clinical practice Dr Sehrish is also pursuing her M.Phil degree in Oral Pathology from a leading university. She is popular amongst patients for her dedication and compassionate behaviour.

Dr. Khan continuously seeks out training and professional development opportunities that allow her to remain aware and knowledgeable about new dental practices and the latest technology being considered or used. She has attended several conferences, workshops and courses to keep up to date.

Dr. Hiba Arif

C- Implantology. Clearpath Certified

B.D.S - (Islamic International Dental College)

Dr. Hiba Arif is a young and talented professional, with a profound passion for dentistry. Her keenness and efficiency to perform dental procedures like scaling, polishing, root canals etc., along with her patient centric approach and socially adept nature, helps her put smiles on her patients faces. She is a new addition to the team and has taken up new responsibilities around the facility as a true team player.

Dr. Sana Babar

Restorative Specialist

BDS (Fatima Jinnah Dental College and Hospital) MDS
Operative Dentistry (Ziauddin University)

Dr Sana is a Restorative Specialist, and has been in clinical practice for the past 8 years. She specialises in Aesthetic Dentistry, Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment), along with Paediatric Dentistry, and is very good at handling young patients. Her calm demeanour and experience makes it easy for her to relate to her patients’ concerns and provide the best treatment possible for them.