Safest Clinic in the
Covid Era

COVID-19 (1)

We are following extremely strict, stringent
Precautions for prevention of COVID-19

  • Our doctors and nurses work while using high quality 70 GSM PPE Protective suits, 3M respiratory masks and face shields.
  • We change PPE suits, gloves and masks after every patient.
  • Designated staff members only to make sure all surfaces such as door knobs, table tops and seating areas are disinfected.
  • We flush aerosols for 45-60 minutes in between every patient.
  • We ensure highest level of sterilization.
  • We ensure all personnel entering the premises; sanitize their hands with quality sanitizers provided by the clinic.

  • Temperature checks are done in the reception area as soon as anyone arrives.
  • All doctors, nurses and staff members are getting tested for COVID-19 every 2-3 weeks.
  • A detailed Covid-19 history form is filled and signed by every patient and attendant when they enter the office.
  • The patient is covered in disposable sterilized sheets/gowns before being seated.
  • All personnel are instructed to sanitize and wear gloves and masks at all times.
  • We have several large spacious ventilated waiting areas where social distancing is practiced.
  • We are spraying aerosols with HOCL every hour in the entire clinic to keep it virus free.
COVID-19 (2)