Scaling and Polishing

Scaling and Polishing: (For Gum Health)

The gums and the jaw bone are the supporting structures for natural teeth. There is a 3-5mm deep pocket between the gum and the tooth in every person. After every meal, this pocket collects food debris which cannot be cleared away with tooth brush bristles. After a few hours bacteria will come and colonize the food debris and make a powdery deposit which we refer to as plaque. Over time, minerals from the saliva will deposit on the surface of this plaque and calcify it leading to calculus formation which is a hard shell harboring bacteria. If left unchecked the calculus sheltering bacteria cause gum swelling, bleeding and bone loss. In sever cases the teeth become mobile and may need to be removed.

A professional scaling, which is scientifically called “sub-gingival curettage” is a procedure where special ultrasonic instruments will remove plaque, and calculus to preserve gum health. A thorough scaling and polishing is recommended every 6 months. Our air polishing procedure after the scaling will leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean!